"My husband and I want to thank you for everything you do for the students at your school.  Douglas came home from “Alice in Winterland” with a proudness that was heart-warming.  I can’t tell you how happy it made us (as well as other parents I’m sure) to hear him confidently say “I did it”.  You put so much work and energy into educating these children-the results of which are so appreciated.  Your program is completely enriching and you, along with Mrs. Witham are a wonderful attribute to the community".
Many Thanks,   Sheri McLean


"I was so proud of Michelle for her performance in “Where’s Mickey”.  Her speaking part as Sleeping Beauty highlighted her growth she has had this year in speech.  I have watched Michele develop in her social skills, and blossom into a girl who can feel more confident in Kindergarten this fall."
Carla Barnes


"When I was first looking for a preschool, I created a list of five schools.  The Learning Place was the first one I visited, and as soon as I walked in, I knew I’d found the right one.  It was recess time, and the children were calm and polite and knew without being told to wash their hands before eating snacks.  I eventually visited the other preschools, but my heart wasn’t in it.  That was because I had already found the place that would carry on my values when I wasn’t around."
Susan Stehle, instructor at York County Community College


Dear Georgeann,
"Seeing the cover article of Making It At Home this week has prompted me to inform you of one of your students from 1998-'99.
In June 2011, Elizabeth graduated with high honors at Berwick Academy and was inducted into the Cum Laude Society in the winter of her senior year. Elizabeth received a total of four recognition awards in art, history, English & French and was awarded the Harvard Book Prize at the end of her junior year.
Elizabeth was active in the arts both on campus and off campus, playing at school events, local coffee houses and music festivals. She performed in musicals during her 4 years of high school with leading roles in the past three productions. Elizabeth participated actively in the art community on campus and off campus showing her work in several local art galleries and competitions. Elizabeth was involved in local poetry readings as well including the annual student Beat Night at the Press Room in Portsmouth NH and Portsmouth's Jazzmouth Festival.
For her senior project, Elizabeth recorded an original album (CD) with a fellow student and co-wrote a one-act musical.
Elizabeth is attending Skidmore College in upstate NY where she is studying English, philosophy and environmental studies and the arts.
Elizabeth's time at The Learning Place was very special. It was a great beginning!"

 All the Best,
Madeleine P. Hopkins