About Us

Are you looking for a center that prides itself in providing an enriched learning environment, with creative, stimulating experiences?  If you are, then you have found the perfect preschool for your family. For over thirty-three years Georgeann Tudisco M.Ed., director of The Learning Place Day School has been nurturing children in Wells and neighboring communities with quality early childhood education.

Our Philosophy and Goals

Our philosophy is to provide an environment rich in experiences, activities and opportunities promoting the development of the whole child through creative play and academic challenges building the foundations for happy, self confident, enthusiastic life-long learners. Research has shown that young children are concrete learners who need to see, taste, touch, smell, hear and move in order to understand the world around them. These experiences are promoted through activities that allow your child to learn through exploration and discovery. Our primary goal is to treat each child as special and unique who actively learns at their own pace and learning style. The Learning Place fosters the growth of the whole child, emotionally, cognitively, socially, physically and creatively. Every day for your child is filled with wonder and excitement: rich with possibilities and smiling with accomplishments.