Our Curriculum

Thematic units are the frameworks for activities in our all-inclusive hands-on themed room. This area of the classroom totally changes for each unit; including toys, activities and scenery. Our curriculum being developmentally appropriate is a combination of structured and unstructured activities that are geared to the child’s overall developmental level as well as to each child’s learning style, academic progress, temperament, talents and interests. Our classroom has been transformed into a:

Dinosaur Museum

Flight of the Monarchs

Cinderella Castle and Coach

Under the Sea Adventure

Country Western Town

A Bug’s Life

Local Indigenous People Village

Outer Space

Winter Wonderland

Changes of Fall

Wonders of Spring

Our curriculum revolves around a letter-of-the-week as well as our thematic units. Each week we provide experiences through either cooking, science experiments, dress-up costume day or a special visitor that reinforces the name and sound of the letter. Loud Lady Lola from London could arrive on the locomotive with a live lobster, limp lettuce and lollipops in her luggage. She would then teach about the lobster followed by dancing the Limbo, all while “Mrs. Tudisco” had a doctor’s appointment. It’s funny how they are never together at the same time. We could be clowns for “C’, come in Pajamas for “P”, make French Fries with Mrs. Tudisco dressed as a giant box of French Fries for “F” or erupt mini volcanoes for “V”. The possibilities are endless! We believe that if you can engage the child’s imagination through utilizing all the senses then we have created a memory. That memory leads to life-long learning.
One of the highlights of the year is our annual Disney themed play performed at The Dunaway Center in Ogunquit. All the children enrolled at The Learning Place are in the production, either as a main character or a Mouseketeer. Everyone has fun singing and performing for friends and relatives. The pride in their eyes after performing is priceless, to hear them proudly say, “I did it”, will warm your hearts. Where children come together and learn through:

Hands-on Math

Music and Movement

Alphabet Fun

Social Skills

Early Literacy Skills

Physical Education

Science Experiments

Dramatic Play Productions

Themed Units

Field Trips

Arts and Crafts